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Morgan & Morgan Congratulates Attorney John Dill on a Successful 2013

Dec. 13, 2013

Morgan & Morgan congratulated attorney John W. Dill on a busy and successful 2013. Dill helped recover more than $50 million on behalf of his clients, including $47.5 million* in a premises liability lawsuit, court documents show.

“I'm very thankful that I've been able to help people who have been wronged and receive substantial verdicts where my client was offered nothing,” said the attorney, who practices out of Morgan & Morgan office. “In each of my verdicts this year, the insurance company refused to take any responsibility and offered nothing or next to nothing prior to trial, so it's been a year of holding wrongdoers accountable and that is very satisfying for me.”

In two medical malpractice cases this year, Dill helped recover $1.5 million and $1.1 million* for a woman whose breast cancer went undiagnosed and on behalf of the wife of a deceased anesthesia error victim, respectively, according to court documents. The anesthesia error victim, who had a previously unknown codeine allergy, suffered cardiac arrest and died after being administered morphine during knee replacement surgery, the complaint alleged.

Dill's successful 2013 continued when he helped recover $694,000**** for a woman who allegedly injured her neck after tripping on an ill-repaired patch of concrete near a valet stand, according to court documents. Though, according to court records, the defense claimed there was no dangerous condition and that the plaintiff’s neck injuries were pre-existing, the jury ruled in favor of Dill's client. The nearly $700,000 verdict was awarded to cover costs related to medical bills and past and future pain and suffering, court records show.

In a false imprisonment suit, court documents show Dill helped recover $100,000***** in mental pain and suffering damages for Neda Shojaei, who alleged in the complaint she was falsely arrested in her home by DEA agents and kept in jail overnight. According to court documents, the U.S. District judge who presided over the case ruled that Shojaei's arrest lacked probable cause and that the federal agents acted “unreasonably.”

Dill's largest recovery of 2013, however, was in a lawsuit against two individuals who were found to have served alcohol to minors at an open house party. According to the complaint, one of the minors became intoxicated and left the party. Later, the complaint continued, the minor swerved into the middle lane while driving drunk and collided head-on with a motorcycle, resulting in the rider sustaining serious injuries to his arms, jaw, and spine. After receiving no pre-trial offer from the defense, Dill was able to recover $47.5 million in past and future medical expenses for the motorcyclist, according to court records, a verdict Dill holds in the highest esteem among his other career accomplishments. Although the settlement was large, Dill said, it's the action inspired by the case that holds lasting significance.

“[This case] is a high point in my career, not only because of the verdict but because we were able to call attention to the problem of people hosting open house parties and serving alcohol to minors,” Dill said. “We hope it will make a difference on future behavior.”

Looking back on what he's accomplished on behalf of his clients this year, Dill feels that the fulfilling aspect of his job comes from seeing those he's helped get their lives back to normal.

“The most satisfying part of what I do for my clients is helping them get their lives together after a tragic loss,” Dill said. “The verdicts also validate what they have gone through, knowing that a jury has listened to them. It's an honor to represent victims of negligence in trial, and I hope for continued success for my clients in the coming year.”

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Disclaimer: Prospective clients may not obtain the same or similar results and the amounts stated are the amounts before deductions for fees, attorney costs, and other third party costs such as medical providers